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What we do?

This is an initiative to get education at the doorstep of those who could not afford it. We believe in a society where knowledge leads to consciousness rather a job for survival only. Lets join hands and come together for this noble cause.

What is so unique about the Eastsons’ Good Works?

Eastsons’ GoodWorks is a fully volunteer run non –profit association.
The objective of our association are to provide an education to street and underprivileged children and to encourage the formation of various local groups across the India to reach out to larger section of population.

How can you help ESGW?

• You can help in our mission in a various ways: -Either you can join us or you can teach the underprivileged or street children of your society.
• Only 1% of your salary donation helps in their education and growth.

What is the impact of your support?

Only a few hours and 1% of salary of yours could bring a big difference in their life for better. Volunteer your time and talent to abolish illiteracy.

How can you reach us?

You can reach us via mails or contact numbers. But we will admire to see you by face to face.

How can one volunteer with ESGW?

Anyone irrespective of age, gender, education, profession, nationality can volunteer with ESWG even sitting at home. Call up the ESGW office on 0120-4374402 to find out what suits your circumstances.