It is a great pleasure to initiate this work on the behalf of the company. We really feel that EDUCATION, HEALTH, SECURITY, SELF-RESPECT are primary rights for all. This is an initiative to get education and awareness at the doorstep of those who could not afford it. We at EastSons GoodWorks, believes in a society where knowledge leads to consciousness rather a job for survival only.Lets join hands and come together for this noble cause.

Introduction to our new program

Spend some time to:

  • Think about what you have to offer - enthusiasm, expertise in a field, work skills, life skills or your affection and empathy for the children.
  • Work out the time you can give and how often you would like to volunteer a few hours a day, a few days a week, or just a day or few days every month.
  • Choose among the many options Eastsons' Goodworks provides, which best matches your skills & Interests.
  • Read our volunteers experiences to get a better idea of volunteering at Eastsons' Goodworks.
  • If you aren't clear about what you like to do, don't hesitate to ask questions while applying for an opportunity. We can even work out an option that suits your time don't hesitate to ask questions while and skill.